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Government Proposal Writing Consultants

Government Proposal Writing Consultants

Avoid Costly Mistakes – Adapt to New Agency Evaluation Strategies
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Writing a proposal for a government contract requires a substantial amount of time and a detailed understanding of how agencies evaluate your Request for Proposal (RFP)government proposal writing rfp consultants response. With the right proposal ideas, correct proposal format and a deep understanding of how to write competitive technical proposals, you can actually increase your chances of getting the award.

Many small businesses and even large DOD government contractors are finding out that they lose more and more federal proposals but have yet to understand why. Government proposal writers that do not have an understanding of the FAR and the rules for lowest price technically acceptable proposal versus negotiated best value determinations under FAR 15 will almost always miss the mark when writing a proposal for the federal government

Your proposal writing efforts require more than just parroting back the statement of work requirements to the Agency. Competitive proposal writing means meeting tough deadlines while maintaining a cutting edge against your competition. When the stakes are high, having an experienced federal proposal writing consultant can mean the difference between winning or losing the award.

The federal proposal writing consultants at Watson & Associates, LLC offer high-level proposal preparation services to large companies and small businesses that are bidding on government contracts.

Our consulting team brings more than 30 years of federal procurement experience to the table. We have actually sat on source selection teams and understand how the game is played. WE ALSO OFFER FLAT RATES.

Comprehensive Proposal Writing Services

Complete A-Z Proposal Writing Services

RFP Review and Analysis

Proposal Outline Preparation

Outline & Editing

RFP Development

Proposal Critique

Proposal Management Services

Small Business RFP & Proposals

Request for Information (RFI)

Sources Sought

Proposal Training Classes

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Why Choose Us?

As part of our proposal writing consulting, we also take advantage of our bid protest litigation experience to help clients avoid the costly mistakes seen on the back end. Although we cannot divulge protected information about specific case, our government proposal writers and lawyers include best practices seen over the years. This increases your chances of submitting a winning proposal.

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Meet Critical Deadlines Without Sacrificing Proposal Writing Quality

Writing a proposal in response Government RFPs also impose short deadlines. This adds to the stress when preparing a response to a government solicitation. We help you to meet short deadlines without sacrificing quality. Watson & Associates, LLC also offers effective government proposal writers and consultants to small and large contractors in Colorado and across the country. Our team is well-versed on how to write winning solicitation responses that even includes construction proposals. Furthermore, when you hire us you get the benefit of more than just technical writers.

We offer:

  • Seasoned attorneys that bring an eye towards avoiding a bid protest
  • Former government Contract Officers that have actually awarded contracts
  • Professional proposal writers that have experience in proposal writing for large and small businesses
  • Concise and Compelling Proposal Responses to Government Solicitations
  • The government wants to see a simple and concise response to its solicitation. When the government publishes its contract opportunities, it expects bidders to read and thoroughly understand the Statement of Work. Watson’s government contract proposal consultants help you to:
  • Digest complex government phrases
  • Understand the government’s problem
  • Set forth a compelling response to solve the problem




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Proposal Writing for Various Government Industries

Inexperienced contractors seek proposal writers that have written Request for Proposal responses for the same industry. The truth is that writing a response to a solicitation requires a higher level of analysis. Regardless of the specific industry, the end result depends on knowing what the government looks for in a response (regardless of industry). Our Government proposal writing consultants have provided guidance to contractors in the following industries:

  • IT
  • Professional Services
  • Medical
  • Construction proposals
  • Real Property
  • Accounting
  • Freight & Moving
  • Construction
  • Hotels
  • Aircraft
  • Travel
  • Environmental
  • Corrections
  • Civil Engineering
  • Security
  • Manufacturing

Get Help with Technical Proposals

Finding competent and experienced technical proposal writers can be a time-consuming chore. Not only do you gamble with government proposal writers that simply do not understand federal procurement rules, but you also find that you pay large sums of money over and over again without better results. We help you to investigate your weaknesses in order to develop strong technical proposals. We also provide you with insight on writing exciting proposal letters and show you why when writing technical proposals you should avoid using canned proposal templates.

Our proposal writing consultants can guide you to acquire better results. Upon hiring Watson, you will immediately see our organizational skills, time management skills and ability to get to the mission at hand - Winning the bid. We offer:

Fair and reasonable pricing

Substantial skill and experience in Federal Acquisition Regulations

Complete understanding the various clauses incorporated by reference

You get the benefit of skilled lawyers – all for one flat rate

Take Advantage of Our Nationwide Federal Government Proposal Writing Services and RFP Consulting

Watson’s proposal writing and government RFP consulting staff supports contractors across the United States. This includes Denver, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas and Nebraska, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Arkansas, Denver, Colorado Springs, Utah, California, Oklahoma, Ohio, Maine, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Las Vegas, Georgia, Hawaii, Alaska, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Florida, Indiana, Washington, Mississippi, Tennessee, Miami, Virgin Islands, Rhode Island, Vermont, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Virginia, Delaware, Washington State, Connecticut, Arizona, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Montana.

Small Business Proposals

Small businesses sometimes have tough time bidding on government contract proposals. At Watson, our firm’s CEO served as a federal small business executive. We consult with small firms that need review and RFP writing assistance in:

Teaming Agreement

Joint Venture Agreement

Past Performance Problems

Improving their technical proposals

HUBZone & SBA 8a Certification Programs

Key to Winning Bids

The agency wants to read your RFP response in concise and simple manner. When you respond to government bids, you first want to demonstrate that you understand the agency's specific problem as set forth in the solicitation; then you will want to show them that you can perform the contract and pose little risk. Lastly, your pricing proposal must demonstrate a more advantageous position to the agency. When considering how to write a proposal for government contracts, we focus on beating the competition and still responding to the solicitation in a concise manner. Visit our proposal training workshop schedules for 2012.

Additional Government Contract Services

Our staff offers more than just government proposal writing services. Our attorneys also represent contractors across the country with:

Government contract marketing

RFP and Solicitations consulting

GSA Schedules

Relationship building

Bid Protests











Government Contract Terminations





Federal Contract Claims




SBA 8a Certification

8a Terminations



8a Appeals



Ethics Violations

Contact Our Government Proposal Writing Consultants

If you are facing a short deadline and need help with federal proposals, contact Watson & Associates online for help with responding to your request for proposal or call us at 1-866-601-5518 toll free.


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