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Filing a GAO bid protest causes you to become anxious, cautious and stressed.  You want to know whether your case has merit and whether filing a GAO protest is the way togao bid protest lawyers go, or whether you should contemplate filing a bid protest to the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. What are the factual and legal bases that you will posture your case?

These are all legitimate questions when deciding whether or not to file a GAO bid protest. There are a variety of tricky but firm rules to which  you must follow when filing a GAO contract protest. There are various GAO deadlines that you must meet. By not complying with any the rules, you run the risk of getting your case dismissed.

  • We provide our clients candid advice and clear direction
  • Since we have worked for government contracting agencies, we understand the critical mistakes made
  • Our lawyers will discuss the various options and any risk associated with filing your bid protest;
  • Our law firm supports your bid protest with case law
  • We will discuss issues related to automatic stays

With law offices in Washington DC and Colorado, the GAO bid protest lawyers at Watson & Associates, LLC provide detailed legal advice to both large DOD contractors and small businesses that seek to protect their rights against an unlawful award, or intervening on behalf of the awardee.

We help our clients to carefully assess the merits of their cases and develop the necessary factual and legal arguments to meet GAO’s filing requirements. We also represent government contractors in bid protests at the U.S Court of Federal Claims, or even at the Agency level.

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What Is a Bid Protest?

A bid protest is exactly what it sounds like – a protest against a bid decision. It is a legal action that is available to any interested parties who may be dissatisfied with the government’s decision. An “interested in this situation means a party that bid but was not selected, or a government official. Protests are only allowed in situations where there was concern that the contract was awarded, handled, or otherwise organized improperly. Because the bid process for procurement contracts must comply with special government rules and regulations, there are sometimes mistakes in the execution of this process. Transparency and objectivity enable wiser spending of public funds, and the challenge of a bid protest is part of ensuring that transparency.

Do You Meet the Legal Requirements?

To file a bid protest, you must be an interested party. This means that you can be a prospective or actual bidder. In addition, you must show that but for the agency’s error you stood a substantial chance of getting the award. GAO contract protest dockets are filled with motions from the government to dismiss cases because the protestor does not meet the requirements of being an interested party, our GAO protest lawyers look the facts before filing protest in court.

Are You Choosing The Right Court to File Your Protest?

There are various choices to file a bid protest. First, your lawyer must establish the legal issue. Then he or she must determine the proper jurisdiction to file the protest. Generally, you can file at the agency level, Government Accountability Office (GAO) or the Court of Federal Claims. Small Business Size Protest can ONLY go to the Small Business Administration. At Watson, our bid protest lawyers seek the best forum to file given previous decisions and how likely a court will rule in your favor.

How Can a Bid Protest Be Remedied?

Should the case move forward, you will be entitled to one or more remedies. In most situations, the remedy takes the form of a correction to the contract or a correction its procedure. There are also restitutions that may be possible. For instance, in some cases, if the issue caused major inconvenience or loss for the protestor, the court will award monetary damages as restitution for the losses that you incurred. The following remedies can be sought in a majority of protest cases.

Corrective action




Bid Protest Information

Bid protest attorneys at 
Watson & Associates, LLC understand that bidding on government contracts can be a tedious process. It takes a substantial amount of time and resources to produce a response to the solicitation and even more to adequately prepare or defend a bid protest to either GAO or the SBA. However, it can also be more frustrating when you realize that a competitor won the bid and you did not. Our Washington, DC or Colorado legal professionals can help with:

Knowing the bid protest process is critical; you also have to make a sound decision on whether or not to file a protest.

Watson Offers:

Complete Bid Protest Analysis and Review

Advice to Contractors about Risks

Special Counsel on GAO & Bid Protest Matters

Size Appeal Protests to the SBA

Protest Appeals

Bid protest intervention

 Protest avoidance consulting 




bid protest defense


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Procedural irregularities in government bids are complex issues. If you were involved in a bidding situation and believe that such regularities exist, then you should consult with an experienced bid protest lawyer as soon as possible to find out what your options are.

Bid Protest Attorneys with Experience

Having worked for the federal government contracting agencies, our bid protest attorneys understand that the government does make mistakes in the procurement process. We also understand what it takes for your protest to even stand a chance of prevailing. 

When you retain our bid protest lawyers, you will immediately see how the valuable hands-on experience of actually working in federal contracting can save you time and money. We have been on the other side and we are in a better position to know the government’s mistakes and to properly advise you.

Having a federal bid protest law firm that understands the rules in government contracts can be of great benefit because you want to have a solid case before filing to GAO, SBA or the agency. Our lawyers have litigated various types of protests and government procurement appeals before several forums. As you contemplate on filing a bid protest, consider taking advantage of our free initial consultation before filing the case yourself.

Filing your appeal to the agency: You can also file a protest with the agency in question. This reduces costs and may even get a favorable outcome. However, most contracts take their chances by filing a protest with GAO. 



Filing an SBA Size protest: In one unique situation you must file a protest with the Small Business Administration (SBA). This occurs when you believe that the successful bidder unlawfully relies on another company to perform the work. Many refer to this as a size protest or 

NAICS size standard protest. If you file this type of GAO protest it will be quickly dismissed for lack of jurisdiction. This is where you want to have a skilled and experienced bid protest lawyer on your side. In addition, the attorney must understand the ins and outs of the Ostensible Contractor Rule (used to determine the outcome of the size protest.) 



Nationwide Representation 



As federal contract and GAO bid protest lawyers we can represent clients in Colorado; Wyoming; Washington State; California; Maryland; New Mexico; Kansas and Nebraska; New York; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Chicago, Illinois; Michigan; Pennsylvania; Virginia; North Carolina; South Carolina; Arkansas; Colorado Springs; Utah; Oklahoma; Ohio; Maine; Florida; Texas; Nevada; Maryland; Louisiana; Las Vegas; Georgia; Hawaii; Alaska; Washington, D.C.; West Virginia; Florida; Indiana; Washington State; Mississippi; California, Tennessee; Tampa; Miami; Virgin Islands; Rhode Island; Vermont; Wisconsin; Minnesota; Missouri; Virginia; Delaware; Connecticut; Arizona; New Hampshire; Massachusetts and Montana.

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